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By Promote ShetlandMarch 22nd 2022

Updated 22 March 2022

Visitors are welcome to Shetland and there are currently no Covid travel restrictions in place, in line with the latest Scottish government guidance.

However, the legal requirement to wear face coverings on public transport and most indoor public settings will remain until at least early April. This includes passengers travelling by NorthLink ferry to Shetland.

People are still advised to take lateral flow tests - at least twice a week - especially if they are going to crowded places or mixing with someone who is clinically vulnerable.

We also advise all visitors to Shetland to take lateral flow tests before they depart and avoid travelling if they present with any symptoms of Covid. This is not a legal requirement but we kindly ask that you do it as a precaution to help stop the spread of the virus across our island community.

International travel to Scotland

Currently, no Covid travel rules apply for entering Scotland. Travel rules for people arriving from abroad ended on Friday 18 March.

If you’re visiting Scotland from another country, you should check your own government’s advice about travelling home after visiting Scotland.

Please note: new travel rules may be brought in at short notice, so check the latest advice for each country you’re planning to travel to before booking your trip and before you go.