This short route links East Mainland with Brae, the largest village in the north and is the gateway to Northmavine and Esha Ness in the north-west. This section can be linked to adjoining routes to the south at Laxo, where the B9075 joins the B9071.

Vidlin - Brae

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Nesting, Lunnasting and Delting
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17.5km / 10.9 miles
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After the 1 mile (1.5km) of single-track from Vidlin there is a straight and fairly level run of 4 miles (6.5km) of wide road past Laxo and the Whalsay ferry terminal. Just before the ferry terminal at Laxo is the Cabin Museum at the Wirlie. This museum is crammed full of mementoes, artefacts, photographs and curios.

The A970 leading west to Brae is joined at the Loch of Voe. This road connects Brae and Sullom Voe Oil terminal with Lerwick so can often be busy with oil industry traffic, especially in the early morning or late afternoon when shifts change.

The activity of the oil industry, which has contributed to the shaping of modern Shetland, is well hidden so the district is still unspoiled with many amazing vistas. The scene from the main road viewpoint looking down on Lower Voe is one of Shetland’s ‘classic’ views and the interpretation panel tells local history and the village connection with Mount Everest.

The road from Voe to the larger and more modern village of Brae follows the shore of Olna Firth and Busta Voe for almost 6 miles (10km) passing Shetland’s newer industries of mussel and salmon farms.

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