Shetland offers many quiet roads in excellent condition for cycle touring, and there are bike hire shops in Lerwick, with electric, road and mountain bikes available.

Taking bikes to Shetland

It is possible to take your own bike to Shetland. NorthLink Ferries are able to take bikes from Aberdeen to Shetland, on their daily route, free of charge. It is also possible to transport bikes on Loganair flights from all major Scottish airports.

The beauty of the islands attracts those who are drawn to the natural environment. Outdoor enthusiasts love to push the boundaries by climbing the highest peaks, walking the long distance paths or cycling to the extremities of the land. Shetland offers the richest reward to those who recognise that Scotland stretches a whole 171 miles (275km) beyond John O’ Groats.

One of the best ways to see the real Shetland is by bike. Cycling offers the opportunity to cover the whole of the islands. You can set your own pace, allowing you to experience all aspects of Shetland life.

Shetland has everything a cyclist could hope for. The various islands are accessible by regular ferry services and with 1,000 miles of road waiting to be explored, excellent road surfaces and low volume traffic on even the main roads, cycling is a pleasure.

Though the islands are far from flat, most gradients are gentle. Main roads are wide and many sections also have a hard shoulder. In most places you can see and be seen a long way ahead. While the hills may be predictable, weather conditions are less so, but that's all part of the challenge.

If you do encounter a mechanical problem there are cycle repair shops in Lerwick and cycle hire is also available.

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