Hamnavoe is an attractive natural harbour with a small pier and is an ideal base to explore the nearby uninhabited islands of Oxna, Papa, Cheynies and Hildasay.

The pretty fishing village, overlooks the sheltered inlet of Hamnavoe, protected from the open Atlantic by the arm of Fugla Ness and its lighthouse. However, the haven has many moorings, and advice should be sought before anchoring, or temporary use of a mooring, is requested.

Hamnavoe has a new marina but no visitor berths are currently available. Cruising yachts should berth at the pier, as it is of pile construction fender boards are strongly recommended.

A shop is located near the head of the pier. Petrol and diesel can be obtained from a garage approximately 1 mile from the pier; jerrycans are required.

Hamnavoe Marina and Pier

Contact:Marvin Inkster: +44 (0)1595 859265SIC Small Ports Supervisor: +44 (0)1595 744221
Charges:£10 per day.Please see: SIC table of dues
Yacht facilities:Fresh waterSlipway
Other facilities:Shop and post office.

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