Shetland has excellent public transport services, which you can use to explore every corner of the islands.

Inter-island ferries

To get the full Shetland experience, it's worth paying a visit to one or more of our beautiful islands – all of which are different and have their own unique characteristics and attractions.

To get to the main inhabited islands from the Shetland Mainland, Shetland Islands Council operate an inter-island ferry service. The services are fast and frequent, and you can travel to all of them as a foot passenger and many of them with your own vehicle.

For all the latest inter-island ferry timetables and booking information visit the Shetland Islands Council - ferry services website or the Shetland Travel website.

Inter-island flights

The inter-island flight service operated by Airtask Group makes it easy to go 'island-hopping' to some of Shetland’s more remote locations.

Flights depart from Tingwall airport (just 6 miles outside Lerwick) flying direct to Fair Isle, Foula and Papa Stour.

View the flight timetable.

Shetland by bus

Bus services within Shetland are provided by Zetland Transport Partnership and operated by a number of different operators.

Visit the Shetland Travel website or ZetTrans for bus timetables and other transport information.