Space is an exciting and innovative new sector for Shetland’s growing economy and the islands have been identified as an ideal location for the launch and tracking of small satellites.

Shetland’s location in the northern most reaches of the UK make it an optimal place for the space economy and the launch of small satellites into Low Earth Orbits, as well as control and manage their activities and flight paths. It’s also the best location in the UK to download, store and analyse data from satellites already in orbit.

Major international companies with global footprints such as the Ariane Group, Lockheed Martin and Airbus are all seeking to establish a presence on Shetland and are working closely with the Shetland Space Centre and the Shetland Islands Council to help develop this exciting opportunity.

The small satellite industry is growing in the UK and Scotland, in particular, is leading the way. Shetland is setting out its stall to be a major player in the sector and will welcome approaches from companies associated with all parts of the space ecosystem, including satellite manufacturing, telecoms, launch platform design, cyber security, ground station operation and design, and data analytics.

Now is the time to invest in this exciting sector as it takes off in the North Isles and establishes Shetland in the global space economy. For more information, visit the Shetland Space Centre website.