Shetland is surrounded by some of the richest fishing grounds in the world, and the islands' topography creates voes and inlets which are ideal for the development of aquaculture.

Fisheries and aquaculture activity contribute to a third of Shetland’s economic output. All year round, Shetland seafood is exported throughout the world. Shetland’s pristine environment, skilled labour force as well as its state-of-the-art infrastructure and leading research institutions help deliver modern and efficient handling, processing and distribution methods which guarantee that products arrive to market in prime condition.

Shetland’s seafood industry is worth £320 million a year to the Shetland economy alone. Over 17,000 tonnes of whitefish, worth over £30 million, and 40,000 tonnes of pelagic fish (primarily herring and mackerel but also blue whiting and horse mackerel) worth £30.4 million were landed in Shetland's harbours in 2017 – a record year for the industry.

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Shetland continues to make a significant contribution to Scotland’s growing aquaculture industry. Over 30,000 tonnes of salmon are harvested on Shetland, equating to 25% of Scotland’s total production volumes, and valued at over £150 million. While Scotland’s mussel sector is dominated by Shetland producers with over 6,500 tonnes of mussels grown in Shetland, accounting for 81% of Scottish mussel production.

Inward investment opportunities exist in both fisheries and aquaculture for value add and supply chain development, for example, marine engineering and technology, ship chandlery and supplies, fish health and logistics.

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Aquaculture in Shetland: A growing industry