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If you dream of adventuring at the edge of the world, look no further than Shetland!

Earlier this year, we welcomed to Shetland one of the most influential UK adventure bloggers for a week of adventuring, wild camping, trail running, hiking, kayaking, sailing, cycling and more… Here’s what she got up to!

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"I spent an incredible five days exploring Shetland with my friend Alexis, by kayak, foot and campervan. Wild camping on remote beaches, chasing glorious sunsets, being out in the sea surrounded by seals and puffins and eating fresh fish and seafood" - Sophie Radcliffe

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About Shetland

Shetland has a long tradition of local friendship for folk who come to stay on the islands.

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Shetland’s North Atlantic and North Sea environment is among the cleanest in the world.

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I'll leave you with this; there is a real community feel on Shetland, a feeling of pride and passion.
Sophie Radcliffe
Challenge Sophie

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Life in Shetland: what’s it like?

Shetland has, for many medical professionals, provided not just great job satisfaction, but a fulfilling and thrilling way of life for them and their families, in a unique island environment:

Welcoming, sociable people

Shetland has a long tradition of local friendship for folk who come to stay on the islands. There’s a real, warm sense of openness, community and belonging, with informal social events, a strong commitment to neighbourliness and a willingness to ‘go the extra mile’ for each other. You’ll always be welcome here.

Vibrant Culture

More than just vikings. Though we do like our winter fire festivals! Shetland is famed worldwide for its folk music traditions, particularly the fiddle, which are alive and flourishing. Art, design and crafts, especially knitting, attract international interest and our literature, theatrical and film making scenes are thriving. As for history - it’s spectacular and we have lots of it!

Clean Seas

Shetland’s North Atlantic and North Sea environment is among the cleanest in the world, offering access to some of the freshest and best seafood you’ll ever taste and unsurpassed opportunities for adventurous ocean play. But we like to keep our stunning, publicly accessible loch angling kind of secret! Wild swimming? There's none wilder.

Nature at its most abundant

The islands offer contrasts, from fertile seaside gardens - and yes, we do have trees - to the arctic tundra of Ronas Hill, the heathery wetlands, soaring cliffs and golden beaches. And the wildlife-viewing opportunities include world-class bird and whale and dolphin watching, seals by the supermarket car park and sometimes otters in your back garden.

Tremendous leisure opportunities

Shetland has thriving and competitive individual and team sports, from football, rugby and hockey to cycling, martial arts and badminton. Thanks to the wise investment of oil industry income, the isles have a phenomenal set of leisure centres for our 22,000 people - eight, all including modern heated swimming pools, gyms and much more. State of the art indoor and outdoor sports pitches too.

Excellent educational and social facilities

Our schools are modern - including the brand new Anderson High School in Lerwick and a range of courses at Shetland College and the NAFC Marine Centre, both part of the University of the Highlands and Islands. Mareel in Lerwick is an ultra modern cinema, music,recording and performance venue, and a network of community halls covers the island, offering a range of social events. Shetland is famed for its annual festivals, from folk to cinema.
A place where families and individuals can live life to the full.