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The Shetlanders: the long distance lawyer

As the first Covid-19 lockdown loomed back in March 2020, Edinburgh-based lawyer Jennifer Sim packed up her work equipment and headed north to Shetland for what she initially thought would be a couple of weeks. “I thought, it’s a nice opportunity to go home and see family and friends.”

More than two and a half years later she is still here, the move having become permanent as she continues her role with Scotland's largest law firm Brodies remotely while reaping the many benefits of life in her native island.

She and her husband have built a brand new eco house in Tingwall, a few miles outside of Lerwick, and are expecting their first child. Jennifer's career continues to thrive while she has traded a daily commute for fresh air, peaceful walks and a healthy work-life balance - a scenario she describes as "the best of both worlds".