Chris and Jet walk the UK - their time in Shetland

Christian Lewis and his rescue whippet-cross Jet, left South Wales to walk the entire UK coastline in August 2017, raising money for SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity.

Since arriving in Shetland in October 2019, Chris has been walking the 1,697 miles of the Shetland coastline, including the Shetland mainland and inhabited islands.

In March 2020, Chris and Jet took safety during lockdown, living off the land on the uninhabited island of Hildasay for several weeks.

Supported by the local community all the way, Chris has been a popular sight to see, and the Shetland community have taken him in to their homes and hearts, making sure both him and Jet have had plentiful support and community spirit with every step!

Chris, a former British paratrooper, decided to embark on this journey to thank the SSAFA for their help in supporting him since leaving the armed forces, and so far he's raised £154,000 for the charity.

Over £79,000 of his donations have come in during the time he's been in Shetland.

Chris leaves Shetland at the end of July 2020, and we wish him and Jet all the very best for the rest of their journey down the east coast of the UK.