Make Your Move: The Modern Artist

Shetland has given Vivian Ross Smith the opportunity to connect with more people around the world through her contemporary digital and physical art.

Having recently completed an MA at the Glasgow School of Art, Vivian says that being an islander has been a key part of her work, which is often collaborative – for example asking people on socialgram to paint textile pieces which she formed into a piece of wearable art; or working with Newfoundland artist Jane Walker on the ‘islandness’ project, a series of workshops and joint exhibitions using materials like bronze and dried fish skins.

“People tend to think being in Shetland is being removed from the art scene, but for me it’s been a connecting force,” says Vivian. “Islandness has become this community across boundaries for me. It feels like we’re forming a collective of island artists who support each other, without any of the big-headedness or genius complexes you find in certain corners of the art world. Being here has only been good for my art.”

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