Cycling across Shetland and Britain, and back!

Travel journalist Simon Parker started an epic journey at Muckle Flugga lighthouse nine months ago.

Since then he has cycled the length and breadth of Britain, as far as the Bishop Rock lighthouse in the Isles of Scilly and back.

In late June, with 3,500 miles under his belt, Simon returned to Unst to end the adventure where it began at “the top of Britain” with the incredible Shetland scenery providing a perfect backdrop.

Simon’s project was born of a desire to reconnect “at ground level” and assess the impact of the pandemic across the country.

Along the way he experienced varied landscapes and enjoyed encounters with many people offering different perspectives of how life has changed during a “tumultuous” 18 months.

Simon’s delight at concluding the journey in Shetland was plain to see.

“The great joy of this project has been to reach the periphery of Britain and although I have lived zig-zagging around the coast of mainland Britain the real highlight for me has been going to the islands right on the edge.”

After pedalling his way back across Unst, the voyage ended with a boat trip out to Muckle Flugga, the UK’s northernmost island.

Champagne in hand, Simon said: “This has been one of the most incredible experiences, one of the most amazing adventures and I’ve done it in Britain.”