COVID-19 update: Shetland is now reopen to visitors, as per Scottish government guidelines, but please read our guidance on travelling responsibly.


Shetland is one of Europe's richest fishing grounds and that's reflected in the catches of mackerel, coley, ling and other ground fish landed at our traditional 'Eela' competitions.

Sea Angling

Shetland is an excellent base for sea-angling. Whether you're just after some mackerel, ling or haddock for a superbly fresh meal, or want to take on the bigger challenge of halibut or porbeagle shark, Shetland waters are among the most promising you'll find anywhere. It's usually possible to charter one of the local sea-angling boats.

You can check the Charter Boat Directory for more information.

Trout Fishing

Anglers just can't believe Shetland when they first visit the islands. If you're feeling energetic, you can fish a dozen lochs a day at astonishingly low fees.

The wild brown trout in Shetland’s freshwater lochs are one of angling's best-kept secrets. Thanks to more than 80 years of careful management by the Shetland Anglers' Association, superb fish are to be found in more than 300 lochs scattered all around the islands, ready to be tempted by a fly or spinner. The Association have boats for hire on several of the most popular lochs, and have also been actively restocking sea trout, for which Shetland is also well-known.

A beautiful brochure on trout fishing in Shetland is available. It contains a map and details of more than 70 of the best angling locations in the islands, as well as information on boats, fish species and access. You can purchase the brochure online for just £2.50.

Shetland Anglers' Association has an excellent website giving full details on trout fishing in Shetland, as well as valuable hints and tips. You can also buy a permit for fishing in all Shetland’s lochs from the site for just £30 per season. The permit is also available from various retail locations in Lerwick.

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