COVID-19 update: Shetland is now reopen to visitors, as per Scottish government guidelines, but please read our guidance on travelling responsibly.

Nature Festival

Have a wild time at Shetland's Nature Festival! Taking place at a time of year when the sun hardly sets, sea cliffs teem with seabirds, wildflowers bloom and there is a good chance of spotting whales and dolphins!

From flowers and fossils, to seabirds and seals, the annual festival provides something to inform, entertain and excite as you explore the unique natural heritage of the Shetland Islands.

European Geoparks Week

Since 2010, the festival has been run in partnership with ‘European Geoparks Week’, during which the 75 European Geoparks (including the 6 other British members of the Network) actively work together to conserve and promote geological heritage through education and geo-tourism.

Geology-themed events, led by Shetland UNESCO Global Geopark, will help you discover some of the most diverse and dramatic geology in the UK, spanning almost 3 billion years. Within the islands, you can find evidence that Shetland was once part of North America. You can trace Shetland’s 700 million year journey from close to the South Pole, across the Equator, to its current location at 60º North. You can find the remains of a mountain chain of Himalayan proportions, a Sahara-like desert, an explosive volcano like Mount St. Helens and the floor of an ocean as wide as the Atlantic. The best part is that you can do all this without being an expert. However, getting involved with the Shetland Nature Festival could be the start of a fascinating new hobby, or maybe even a career!

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