Craft Fair

The strong influence of Shetland’s landscape, heritage and culture, can be seen in the creative output of Shetland’s craftmakers, designers and artists; in ceramics, textiles, leatherwork, knitwear, jewellery, photography, printmaking and much more..

The annual Craft Fair is organised by Shetland Arts & Crafts Association and illustrates the range and depth of artistic talent and craft skills that are so evident in the islands. Inspired by Shetland's dramatic scenery, heritage and culture, Shetland’s arts and crafts producers offer a diverse collection that includes knitwear and textiles, fancy goods, fashion and home accessories, gifts and fine art. The islands' traditional designs of knitwear, handed down through generations, are prominent, but there are also examples of modern, original textile design by accomplished local makers. The same is true of other crafts, for example furniture-making.

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