Skeld is a landlocked haven with an excellent pier and new marina. There are 8 visitor berths as well as a floating pontoon with space for another 20 or more.

When entering the narrows of Skeld Voe, keep centre then point towards the church to avoid the shallow water of the centre line.

Skeld has a modern and exceptionally well-equipped caravan park. It’s a peaceful and friendly site, where every visitor receives a warm welcome.

Further west are two of the most exquisite bays in Shetland: Westerwick and Culswick. At each, a narrow green valley ends in a pebble beach fringed by sea stacks, cliffs and caves.

A bus service leaves for Lerwick at 0745 hours and 1320 hours and returns from Lerwick at 1705 hours.

There is also a small marina in Gruting Voe, close by.

For a real taste of Skeld hospitality schedule your trip for the last weekend of July (approx) when the annual regatta is held. There is rowing, yachting, fishing and socialising!
Depth (Low water):2.5m
Contact:James & Josephine Scott, 01595 860287
Charges:£10 per day
Yacht Facilities:Toilets, shower, fuel, electricity, fresh water, waste disposal
Other Facilities:Telephone, laundry, post office, bus service, taxi service.

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