The harbour at Scalloway, capital of Shetland until the 17th century, is sheltered from all wind directions and can provide everything a visiting yacht requires.

Scalloway offers a storm-proof harbour, sheltered from all wind directions by the mainland and the islands of Trondra and Burra. Access can be gained at all states of the tide and in all weather conditions.

The approaches and the harbour are well lit with various navigational aids.

When arriving in Scalloway, the visitors' pontoon is near Scalloway Boating Club (SBC) at Port Arthur, on the western side of the outer harbour. Alternative berths are at the club's marina at Port Arthur, at East Voe Marina by arrangement with the User's Association, and at Blacksness Pier, on the west side of the inner harbour.

Facilities including toilets, showers, and laundry are available at the boating club, which is open Monday-Thursday 1900 till late, Friday 1500 till late and Saturday and Sunday 0900 till late.

Marine diesel is available from a pontoon berth near Blacksness Pier. Ship chandlery and waste oil disposal are also available at or near Blacksness Pier.

The Scalloway Boating Club pontoon and the Port Arthur Marina are close to the Boating Club, which extends a legendary welcome. Also nearby is Da Haaf restaurant at the NAFC Marine Centre, a renowned seafood restaurant.

Just north of Scalloway Castle, an excellent local museum tells the heroic story of the wartime 'Shetland Bus' operation, which was based here from 1942 until 1945. Norwegian fishing boats sailed between Shetland and Nazi-occupied Norway, bringing refugees to safety and returning with ammunition and resistance fighters.

Scalloway Castle was built using forced labour by Earl Patrick Stewart, who was executed for treason in 1615.

The family-run Scalloway Hotel, on the main street, offers a menu featuring locally caught seafood and other Shetland produce. There are well stocked shops, a post office, a butcher, a Chinese takeaway, and a hairdresser’s.

Yacht Facilities:Power, water, fuel, engineering services, electrical repairs, boat yard, waste reception. Showers and laundry at the boating club.
Other Facilities:Shops, swimming pool, boating club, food and drink, taxi service, accommodation, telephone, cash machine.

Charges:£10 per day
Contact:Eddie Sinclair, 01595 880 476

Depth:7.0 - 4.8m (3.5 at low level quay)
Charges:Please see - SIC Table of Dues
VHF ch:12 16
 Duty Harbour Master / Port Control, +44 (0)1595 744 221 / +44 (0)1806 244 200

Depth:5.0 - 2.0m
Contact:Hamish Jamieson, 01595 880 649 or Scalloway Boating Club.

Depth:4m max
Charges:£15 per day. No charges for overnight berthing.
Contact:Scalloway Boating Club, 01595 880 388

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