The marina and pier, situated at Saltoo in Collafirth, was built in 1988 on the site of an old Norwegian whaling station, where the fishing industry lives on.

Electricity can be arranged at the marina and approach poses no problems at any state of the tide.

Cruising Collafirth

Yell Sound is good cruising water, though tides are strong. On either shore, depending on wind direction, secluded bays can provide shelter at Southladie Voe, Burra Voe, Collafirth, Queyfirth, Ollaberry and Gluss Voe. Yell Sound's north eastern shores are bleak and rocky. However, Whalfirth which has a small pier at its head, is a very sheltered anchorage in any weather.

Sullom Voe has anchorages at its head, on the north side of Brae, and in Garths Voe. It's a long sheltered sea loch noted for its wildlife, particularly otters, seals and sea ducks. Despite the huge oil terminal at its eastern end, handling some of the largest tankers in the world, Sullom Voe remains one of Shetland's most tranquil and unspoilt inlets.

Lunna Ness has two anchorages, the landlocked Boatsroom Voe and West Lunna Voe, not quite so sheltered. Both have fish farm piers, where visitors may lie by arrangement with the proprietors.

The marina and pier, situated at Saltoo in Collafirth was built in 1988 on the site of an old Norwegain whaling station where the fishing industry lives on.
Depth (Low water):2m9m
Charges:£10 per dayPlease see - SIC Table of Dues
Contact:David Laurenson,
01806 533288
John Peter Blance,
01806 544296
Yacht Facilities:Fresh water, waste disposal, slip
Other Facilities:Telephone, bus and taxi service

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