Flights to Shetland

Several flights per day to and from the major Scottish airports and regular summer flights from Bergen make Shetland an easy destination to reach by air.

There are two main ways of getting to Shetland, plane or ferry. Flying is undoubtedly quick and convenient; flights mostly take between an hour and an hour and a half, whereas the overnight ferry journey takes at least 12 hours.

Flights tend to be more expensive and the price of air tickets generally rise as the date of the flight approaches, so it pays to book well in advance.

Routes to Shetland

Flights to Sumburgh Airport in Shetland are operated by the long-established Scottish airline, Loganair. Their direct services to Shetland, the scheduled flight times and the maximum frequencies are as follows:


1 hour

Up to 5 flights per day


1 hour

Summer, 1 flight on Wednesdays and Saturdays


1 hour 30 minutes

Up to 3 flights per day


1 hour 30 minutes

Up to 2 flights per day


1 hour 45 minutes

Up to 2 flights per day; stops briefly in Orkney

Kirkwall, Orkney

40 minutes

Up to 2 flights per day


1 hour 35 minutes

1 flight on Saturdays

Flight connections and code-sharing

You can make connections with these services from airports all over the UK and overseas. What’s more, Loganair has a code-sharing agreement with British Airways. These allow through booking and your luggage will be transferred between flights. Travelling on code-shared flights also has the important benefit that, should any flight be late, you’ll be re-booked on the next available connection.

The codeshare agreement with British Airways allows you to book flights to Shetland from any point in the BA worldwide network, using the BA website.

If you’re making a connection onto a Loganair flight to Shetland, it is advisable to do so at Aberdeen if possible. That’s because, should there be any disruption to the Shetland flight, you can easily transfer to the overnight ferry. Most Shetland flights operate to schedule, but summer services are occasionally affected by fog and, in winter, gales may sometimes cause delays or cancellations.

If you’re travelling from outside the UK and are spending time in Scotland either side of your Shetland trip, the benefits of code-shared flights may be less important. In that case, it’s worth bearing in mind that Edinburgh and Glasgow have flights from many European cities, some North American airports and the Middle Eastern hubs of Dubai, Doha and Abu Dhabi. Aberdeen has useful connections from Scandinavia and the Netherlands, in particular. These options may also be helpful if you’d prefer to avoid the London airports.

On Loganair services hold baggage and on-board refreshments are included in the ticket price. When you’re booking, the airport code for Sumburgh is LSI.

Moving to Shetland?

If you’re thinking about moving permanently to Shetland you can register with the Air Discount Scheme that’s operated by the Scottish Government. Currently, non-business travellers enjoy a 50% discount on the fare, though not on the additional taxes and charges. Those who’ve registered for the scheme book flights using a separate Loganair or British Airways website.

Getting around Shetland by air

Within Shetland, Airtask Group operates inter-island flights by arrangement with Shetland Islands Council. These serve Fair Isle and Foula and Papa Stour. Apart from a summer Saturday flight that operates to Fair Isle from Sumburgh Airport, all these services fly from Tingwall Airport, six miles west of Lerwick.

Time to get booking

Since early booking offers lower fares, it’s best to put your Shetland holiday plans in place sooner rather than later. We look forward to welcoming you!

​Useful information

  • Aberdeen Airport Guide - the definitive resource to help you find everything you need when travelling to, from and around Aberdeen Airport.
  • Highlands & Islands Airports Ltd operates Shetland's main airport at Sumburgh, 25 miles south of the county town of Lerwick.
  • Sumburgh Airport is on the service bus route and has a taxi rank and hire car desk. Long term parking costs £3 a day at Sumburgh, and free short-term parking is also available for up to two hours. Parking discounts are also available for residents of the outer isles, and those attending hospital appointments. For more information visit the Sumburgh Airport website.
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