Ferries to Shetland

Shetland is easily accessible by ferry from Aberdeen and Orkney

Shetland is now better served by ferries than ever before, with departures seven nights a week in both directions on the Aberdeen-Lerwick route all year round, with three calls a week at Kirkwall, Orkney, en route. For full details and bookings visit the Northlink Ferries website.

The two 'cruise ferries' on the route - the Hjaltland and the Hrossey - are very comfortable boats with an extremely punctual service: you'll be in Lerwick at 7.30am on the dot (although you don't have to leave the ship until you've enjoyed a leisurely breakfast).

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Advantages of travelling by sea:

  • Because the 12-13 hour crossing is overnight, you gain two days on your Shetland holiday - days when you'd otherwise be travelling to airports, hanging around to check in - and typically spending more time on the ground than in the air.
  • It's usually less expensive by ferry - especially for family groups.
  • It's a more relaxed way to travel, with good food and entertainment available on board, wonderful views and the chance to meet new friends.
  • You can take the car with you (and your dog!)
  • There's a good chance of seeing dolphins or porpoises from the ship, as well as myriads of seabirds.
Yes, flying can be more convenient, but old hands will tell you there's nothing like standing at the ship's rail on a summer's dawn, with the breeze in your face and the gulls crying in your wake, savouring that glorious view of the Shetland hills rising above the horizon. It's altogether more romantic...
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