Studying in Shetland can be a wise choice, especially for those with roots in the islands, offering excellent opportunities to study a wide range of courses, develop rewarding careers and forge meaningful relationships with potential employers.

Getting good qualifications and experience is one of the best ways to get your foot on the first rung of the career ladder. Whether you are interested in academic research or vocational study, there are many options in Shetland.

The University of Highlands and Islands offers a wide range of courses at its campuses in Lerwick and Scalloway. UHI Shetland offers a friendly atmosphere with supportive lecturers and state-of-the-art facilities.

Choosing to study here means you can enjoy the calm and beauty of Shetland. And with the islands regularly listed as one of the UK’s top spots to live, it’s a place where you can focus on your studies and personal growth, away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

With the cost of pursuing higher education on the mainland increasing, here are five reasons why studying in Shetland could be one of your smartest moves.

1. Connect with local employers

Studying in Shetland offers great opportunities to connect with local employers and the University of Highlands and Islands (UHI) has solid ties with businesses all over the islands.

If you study a Modern Apprenticeship you'll get placed with a local company and learn while working. That offers a chance to delve into the local job market and may kick-start your future career.

Even if apprenticeships aren't your thing, you’ll still find that being in Shetland opens many doors. Thanks to the community’s size and the friendliness of the people, networking here is easier than it can be elsewhere.

Regular opportunities arise to meet and connect with local business leaders and professionals, building relationships and community connections that can benefit your career.

2. Earn while you learn

We’ve already touched on how studying in Shetland can save money. Consider the expenses associated with studying on the mainland. Travel, accommodation, bills, and food can add up to thousands of pounds.

By choosing to study in Shetland you can sidestep a lot of this expense. Staying at home to study helps you avoid racking up debt, but if you enrol in a modern apprenticeship, there’s a bonus – you can earn while you learn.

3. Be part of a supportive learning community

UHI Shetland students can access the university's broad knowledge base as well as their Shetland-based lecturers. It is common to hear that the local teaching staff go the extra mile to help their students. Plus, with smaller class sizes than in the mainland, you get more attention from your teachers.

Many students talk about how their classmates become like a tight-knit family, providing motivation and support during tough times. This friendly atmosphere doesn't just make classes better; it helps everyone achieve their full potential.

4. Embrace a lively social scene

You’re never short of exciting activities to enjoy in Shetland with the new friends you’ve made during your studies. The islands offer a wide range of experiences right on your doorstep, and whether you're into sports or prefer cultural pursuits, there's something for everyone.

You can enjoy many sporting activities from sea-swimming to team sports or going to the gym. If music is more your scene, there are regular live events across a range of genres. And if you’re looking to wind down after a hard day of studying, there’s always a film at Mareel or an amazing sunset to enjoy with a friend.

Shetland is a place where you can enjoy all these experiences in a safe and welcoming environment. The community's strong sense of security and camaraderie makes it easy to relax and have a good time, no matter what you choose to do.

5. Feel inspired by your setting

Shetland is celebrated for its stunning natural beauty and peaceful atmosphere. The islands boast pristine beaches, expansive skies, and an array of wildlife.

Not only is this spectacular but this natural environment can be deeply inspiring. And you may find the usual stresses of academic life are less overwhelming, as you’ll be in the perfect setting to think and reflect.

Despite its calm environment, Shetland is far from isolated. The University of Highlands and Islands maintains robust connections with universities and colleges on the mainland, ensuring you remain integrated with broader academic and professional networks. Thanks to modern technology, staying in touch with the rest of the world is easier than ever.

As a student in Shetland, you'll enjoy the best of both worlds: all the benefits of 21st-century connectivity and the advantages of living in one of the most breathtakingly wild and beautiful locations in the UK.

This combination makes Shetland an ideal place for personal growth and academic achievement.

What will you study?

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