Scalloway was Shetland's capital until the 18th century and was the landing place for delegates attending Shetland's annual parliament or 'Ting', held on the Lawting Holm in Tingwall Loch, two miles away. Today, it is a busy village which has its own castle, built by Earl Patrick Stewart in 1600, and a museum which reveals the story of Norway's wartime 'Shetland Bus' heroes.

There are two general stores, Scalloway Meat Company and The Checkout, for groceries and local produce, and Harbour Knitwear selling traditional Shetland knitwear. There's also a post office and pharmacy on Main Street. For food, there's Scalloway Hotel, The Cornerstone and Da Haaf Restaurant, located inside the NAFC Marine Centre.

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Fair Isle North Lighthouse
Fair Isle is one of the best places to watch seabirds at close range, especially Puffins which will walk right up to you if you sit quietly.

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