Fair Isle is the most remote inhabited island in the UK and is home to crofters, conservationists, boat builders, ornothologists and a community of welcoming inhabitants. Just three miles in length, it makes for an interesting and special stop-off point on your cruise.

Cruise ships are too large to enter Fair Isle's small harbour, so passengers are shuttled ashore by launch. The island has one shop, Stackhoull Stores, which also houses the island post office. There are public toilets located at the shop and at the village hall.

Tourist attractions include George Waterston Memorial Centre and Museum, located in Fair Isle’s former school and housing a collection of knitwear, artefacts, photographs and other historical memorabilia. There's also a ranger service which offers guided walks, talks and other events. Sadly, the famed Fair Isle Bird Observatory burned down in early 2019, so it will not be open to visitors during the summer season.

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