The 'ancient capital' of Scalloway

The fishing port of Scalloway was Shetland’s capital until the 18th century. It’s famous for its castle, built in 1600 by the tyrannical Earl Patrick Stewart. Next to the castle is Scalloway Museum, which offers a fascinating and moving display on the wartime exploits of Norway's 'Shetland Bus' heroes, who made the village their secret base. The museum also houses memorabilia from Scalloway's past, particularly the history of fishing in the district.

A stunning vista

On your trip to Scalloway you will also encounter our famous Shetland ponies, grazing on the heathery hills around the town. If you continue west, you’ll get a chance to see the stunning views from Wormadale Hill. You’ll see the long inlet of Whiteness Voe and, beyond, a panorama that can extend to Fitful Head, Foula and even Fair Isle, 50 miles away.

Shetland Jewellery

If you carry on north into Weisdale you can make a stop at the Shetland Jewellery workshop and showroom. Shetland Jewellery’s designs are inspired by Norse mythology, local wildlife, archaeology and also include modern Celtic ranges of jewellery. A great spot to pick up a memento from your Shetland visit.

Important information

Shore excursions generally last from 2.5-4.5 hours so if your ship is in port all day, you will have the opportunity to spend some time in the Lerwick town centre.

The advantage of taking an official shore excursion in Shetland is the security that should the unexpected happen while you are touring the island, then your guide will be in direct communication with the locally-based shore excursion company, who will be assisting on the day of your visit.

Speak to your cruise line shore excursions provider for more details on what options are available.