Spectacular scenery

Northmavine is almost, but not quite, a separate island in the north of Shetland’s Mainland. You get there by passing through a narrow stretch of land, known as Mavis Grind (meaning "gate of the narrow isthmus"), where the North Sea and Atlantic are separated by just 33 metres. Once in Northmavine, you’ll find plenty of rolling hills and rugged coastlines, as well as Shetland's highest hill, Ronas Hill (1475ft/450m), topped by a prehistoric chambered burial cairn.


One of the highlights of Northmavine is the dramatic cliffs of Eshaness. Your tour will take you to Eshaness Lighthouse, which sits above a precipice of volcanic lava. From there you can have a short stroll and marvel at the stunning blowholes, stacks and geos (narrow inlets), which withstand the mighty force of the North Atlantic on a daily basis.

Tangwick Haa Museum

After embracing the elements, your tour will take you to Tangwick Haa Museum, which celebrates Northmavine’s history. See how a traditional Shetland laird would have lived and learn about some of the area’s iconic local characters. There’s also the chance to have a warming cup of tea or coffee and a seat in the sheltered walled garden.

Important information

Shore excursions generally last from 2.5-4.5 hours so if your ship is in port all day, you will have the opportunity to spend some time in the Lerwick town centre.

The advantage of taking an official shore excursion in Shetland is the security that should the unexpected happen while you are touring the island, then your guide will be in direct communication with the locally-based shore excursion company, who will be assisting on the day of your visit.

Speak to your cruise line shore excursions provider for more details on what options are available.