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By Promote ShetlandNovember 12th 2020

You might have noticed that shetland.org looks a bit different. The site has been completely redesigned and redeveloped, and we are excited to share it with the world.

The new platform will help us showcase the best of Shetland, and we would love for you to browse around to explore everything we have to offer. Feel free to tell us what you think - your feedback is always welcome.

But we’ve not just rebuilt this website. You may be interested to know that the new shetland.org is the centrepiece of a much wider rebranding project for Shetland as a whole. We are excited to tell you more …

First, let us acknowledge that 2020 has been very challenging for Shetland, as it has been for most places. However, if we look not too far ahead we can see that these islands have a series of hugely exciting opportunities:

  • Shetland can lead the UK in future-facing industries like renewable energy, sustainable aquaculture and launching small satellites, and to keep major existing industries moving forward.
  • Shetland can be a place where people want to come and start new lives and new careers, with an emphasis on nature, family and community.
  • Shetland can be one of the UK’s most exciting travel destinations, from outdoors adventures and wildlife to its world-class events, rich culture and local food.

Those are the key background messages we want to convey with the new brand, which is really a fresh way of thinking about and talking about Shetland. We want the world to see Shetland for more than its natural beauty, as important as that is. We want to show that this is a dynamic and forward-thinking society, offering rich opportunities for visitors and locals. We also want to show that the islands can prosper in the coming decades. It’s not just about Shetland’s dynamic economy, but a society in which heritage, sustainability and community are so much more than buzzwords. This is where our ‘Islands of Opportunity’ strapline comes from - you’ll see this in many places from now on.

In terms of shetland.org, we want it to continue to be a valuable resource for anyone interested in the islands, packed with useful information – whether you’re interested in living, working, studying, investing or visiting. But we wanted to update the tone and visuals of the site, and add even more inspiring content, often using the knowledge and passion of people who live here, or visit regularly.

You’ll find personal insights into Shetland from the likes of the underwater photographer Billy Arthur, the writer Ann Cleeves and the artist Ruth Brownlee, who has long been fascinated by the Shetland sky. You’ll also find the latest news on Shetland industry, from the new whitefish market in Lerwick to the new turbine at the world’s first tidal energy array, in Bluemull Sound.

Whether you’re a long-time local, or simply curious about Shetland, we hope you enjoy the new site, and that it conveys at least some of the magic and possibility of these islands. And we wish you the warmest of Shetland welcomes to our Islands of Opportunity.


David Nicol