By Elizabeth AtiaJuly 28th 2016
Elizabeth Atia

What does 'home' mean to you?

Home means so many different things to different people. It could be the place you were born, the place where you spent most of your childhood, the place where you're hanging your hat this evening, or the family and friends that you choose to surround yourself with.

This Spring Shetland Create published the first issue of its new literary magazine. This first issue, entitled Home, explores the many meanings of ‘home’ and features poems, essays, and stories by new and established writers from around the world.

"Colin Herd’s poem ‘Sleep‘ reminds us that home can be as simple the place we rest our heads at night," editor Angie Spoto writes, while "Eunice Chung’s essay ‘At Sea‘ likens home to an anchor, a place we return to again and again and which gives us our bearings. The poems ‘White Goods‘ by Derek Parkes and ‘Safe‘ by Sandra Kohls transport us with their honest nostalgia for domestic spaces. And Marsali Taylor’s excerpt from the novel Death on a Longship shows us what it means to return home burdened with new memories and experiences."

This new project is the brainchild of Kirsten Boswell, from Shetland, and Angie Spoto, from America. Both are postgraduate students studying creative writing at the University of Glasgow. With this new magazine, made possible in print thanks to a successful Crowdfunder campaign, they want to inspire creativity while celebrating the diversity of literary voices within the Shetland community and beyond.

You can read the first magazine for free on their website or you can purchase a print copy by emailing Angie at nightofcreativity[at]