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By Promote ShetlandJune 13th 2022

Shetland’s incredible scenery and fascinating wildlife make the islands a perfect getaway for those seeking an exhilarating outdoor adventure. We’ve created a simple guide to help you plan your visit and protect the environment …

Our pristine beaches, spectacular landscapes, world-class archaeology, incredible wildlife, and delicious local cuisine all make Shetland a special place. There are several easy ways you can help keep it that way:

1. Respect Shetland’s native wildlife

From impressive ‘seabird cities’ to playful otters or even orcas and humpback whales, there are many opportunities to witness spectacular wildlife in a natural habitat. Please respect nature and keep your distance to minimise disturbance.

To ensure the best experience, book one of the excellent tour guides. Discover more at https://www.shetland.org/visit/do/wildlife

2. Eat and drink like a Shetlander

You can help Shetland’s efforts to promote sustainability by using local shops and buying Shetland food and drink. Shetland is blessed with incredible produce, with virtually zero food miles.

Our seafood is second to none, Shetland lamb and beef feed on the heathery slopes and lush fields. In Shetland’s many country shops you can easily find local dairy, eggs, vegetables, sandwiches, deli products and much more – or why not try one of our famous cake fridges?

3. Protect Shetland’s pristine environment

Dramatic landscapes and amazing heritage sites make Shetland a dream location for taking films and photography.

Whether you’re a professional or just want a cracking Instagram update, you’ll marvel at our stunning scenery, iconic tombolo at St Ninian’s Isle and world class archaeology. Please keep it that way, by leaving all the sites as you’d expect to find them.

We love seeing your photos and reels, so please tag us and use #ShetlandTrueNorth and #PromoteShetland.

Check out some of the best Shetland photography on social media.

4. Enjoy the moment, but take care

While out exploring you will be impressed by Shetland’s rugged beauty and the opportunity to get off the beaten path.

Adventuring is one of Shetland’s great attractions, but please watch your step and keep yourself and others safe.

Follow our tips for staying safe.

5. Get out and get active

Exploring the great outdoors is an exciting part of any visit to Shetland and walking and cycling are among the most popular activities.

To make it easy we’ve created a list of fantastic walks and bike rides to inspire your activities. Both offer an excellent way to see more of Shetland, and there are zero emissions.

You are likely to need a motor vehicle to travel around Shetland, but to keep your carbon footprint down why not use public transport?

Start planning your visit to spectacular Shetland.