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By Deborah LeggateSeptember 5th 2012

Accomplished fiddle player, composer and producer Chris Stout, who is a featured soloist on the soundtrack of the new Disney Pixar blockbuster Brave, says he's delighted that Shetland audiences will have the chance to enjoy the popular animated film on the big screen in Shetland at Mareel this month.

Chris recorded his solo parts for the Brave soundtrack in the world-famous Air Studios in London, alongside the London Symphony Orchestra. The soundtrack was based on an original score by Patrick Doyle.

Chris said: “When they first called and asked me to be on the soundtrack, I didn't realise how important the film was to become. I didn't even realise it was Disney and Pixar! When it become clear that I would be recording with the London Symphony Orchestra in Air Studios I started to realise how important this could be. Even just to get the opportunity to record in those studios with the London Symphony Orchestra was an amazing opportunity for me, let alone being on the soundtrack to such an excellent film.”

Unfortunately Chris missed the UK premiere of Brave because he was touring in Ireland at the time, but he later went to see a screening in Glasgow.

He said: “It was just me and a bunch of kids on a weekday afternoon and I swear, I was laughing louder than any of them! It was a really incredible experience to be involved in the production of the music for such a magical film. I'm so pleased that Shetlanders will get the chance to see it on the big screen in Mareel and I'd urge everyone to go see it.”

Brave will be showing in 3D and 2D in Mareel until Monday 17 September. Tickets are available from Shetland Box Office, Mareel or Islesburgh, over the phone on 01595 745 555, or online at www.shetlandboxoffice.org