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By Kirsty HalcrowMay 20th 2015

Shetland's Lerwick Brewery, brewers of Great Taste award-winning 60°North, heralds the arrival of its new cask business with the launch of a new beer – Lerwick IPA. It is the Brewery's first cask brew and marks the Brewery's entry into the dynamic cask beer and real ale market.

Rhanna Turberville, Brewery Manager, Lerwick Brewery, says:

“We"ve had great acclaim for all our brews to date and are excited about launching our cask offering. IPA is such an iconic brew that it"s the natural choice to add to our portfolio. The star of the show in any IPA is the hops and for Lerwick IPA we"ve used only American hops, with a blend of malts, to give it a distinctive colour and flavour. Our IPA gives the drinker a big, hoppy hit from the Cascade hops and, whilst the light effervescence and 5% ABV enhances the sweet malt characters, it complements the bitter finish to give a well-balanced, refreshing beer. Shetland's unique Northern location plays an important role in producing our ales. The clear, crisp air and the rich and plentiful water supply are key to giving our cask conditioned beers that quality finish which is hard to replicate.”

Isla Mercer, Sales and Marketing Manager, says: “Entering the cask and real ale market is a really exciting proposition for the brewery. We will be launching our cask ales with a nice, hoppy IPA but have lots more recipes in development for future releases in the upcoming months. We've had a lot of interest from bars and pubs for cask ales and we're looking forward to be able to provide these
alongside our current range.”

The IPA launch sees Lerwick Brewery also launch a new style of branding for its cask collection.
“The new branding is very contemporary and eye catching,” continues Mercer. “The pony will have a different design for every style of cask beer we release. We've had so many people telling us they love the pony so we wanted to feature it more prominently.”

Lerwick Brewery continues to brew and grow its bottled beer range. “60° North, Skipper's Ticket and Tushkar are all doing well,” adds Mercer, “with demand growing across the UK. Our cask business will complement our bottled beer range, whilst giving something different to pubs and bars. We're very excited about this move.”

Lerwick IPA will be available from 25 May 2015.