COVID-19 update: Shetland is now reopen to visitors but lockdown restrictions are in place in Aberdeen.
If you're planning a trip, or travelling through Aberdeen, please read our guidance on travelling responsibly.

Up-to-Date Wildlife Sightings

by Deborah Leggate -

Want to know where and when exciting Shetland wildlife like Killer Whales were seen? Want to know which way they were heading or where the best place to go and look for them might be? Want to be kept up to date with all other major wildlife sightings as they happen during your visit to Shetland? If you are a Facebook user why not join the Shetland Wildlife community by clicking 'like'. By doing so also means that you can configure Facebook to view news on your iphone, Blackberry or Smartphone and even have updates delivered by SMS text.

Not on Facebook? Not a problem - they have also linked their Facebook page via RSS from their Twitter page so all major sightings will still be 'tweeted' and both platforms updated - even when they are 'out-in-the-field' watching the wildlife we would like you to come and see!

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