Total Announcements

by Tom Morton -

TOTAL has announced that a further 1000 welders and pipe fitters will be brought in to finish its £800m gas plant at Sullom Voe, Shetland, bringing the workforce to 2500. Another liner is sailing north to accommodate the extra workers, joining the various floating accommodation units, former cruise ships, crammed hotels and temporary hostels currently sited in the isles. First gas is now expected to flow by the end of 2014.

When the cruise ship Gemini arrives next week, Lerwick Harbour will have six floating accommodation units moored.

Total has announced too that it will develop the Edradour field, which will feed gas to the new Laggan-Tormore pipeline and the gas plant at Sullom Voe. Total is partnered by the Danish company DONG Exploration and Production, with which it is also involved in the Glenlivet field. Total has just bought a 60 per cent stake in Glenlivet.

Full story here from Shetland News.

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