The best places to take photos in Lerwick

by Allison Christie -

Lerwick is the main town in Shetland and, with it's bustling harbour, views across to the island of Bressay, ancient broch and network of busy lanes in the town centre, it makes for a photographer's dream. Here are some of Lerwick's most popular photo spots...

Mareel and the Shetland Museum

Upstairs in Mareel, you’ll find public toilets with the best views! It’s fair to say the rest of the views are stunning too, and there’s a lovely coastal walk from the Shetland Museum around the North Ness area where you’ll see clear blue seas and possibly a seal or two. There’s a wide footpath but no railing though, so hold on to your valuables.

'Da Street' (Commercial Street)

The traditional shopping area of Lerwick, it’s a place of traditional stone buildings that originally led straight to the sea. You’ll see many buildings have their gable end pointing towards the sea, where merchants could load and unload their wares.

The Old Tollbooth

This 18th century building is always popular to photograph. In its time it has been the original court house and custom house of Lerwick. It’s also served as the Post Office, Fishermens Mission, Red Cross Society and is now home to the Royal National Lifeboat Institution. It’s also where archive records now in the Shetland Museum tell the story of a young widow Christina (Kirstie) Jamieson, or Kirstie Caddel, who was widowed soon after moving to Lerwick and sadly died on the steps of the Old Tolbooth in January 1855, of cold and starvation.

The Lodberries and Bains Beach

One of them now made famous as the home of Jimmy Perez in the TV series Shetland, The Lodberries have a Viking heritage, a place where boats could be brought straight to storage for loading/unloading. Many merchants had their own lodberry and tales of smuggling and contraband are rife!

Bains Beach is our picturesque beach in the centre of Lerwick, flanked on both sides by lodberries. It was named after John Bain, who owned property here and who was the father of Gilbert Bain, who the main hospital in Lerwick is named after.

The Knab

A walk around the Knab is a great way to see Lerwick. With open views of the sea across to Bressay and the Bressay Lighthouse, as well as views across the Ness of Sound, it’s a popular lunchtime walk. You’ll see the Coastguard Station at the top of the Knab, situated in a perfect vantage point to watch the south mouth of the Lerwick Harbour.

The Sletts

Another great Lerwick spot for photos – a leisurely stroll around The Sletts (it follows on from the walk around The Knab above) takes you further along the shoreline of Lerwick from Breiwick Road to Sea Road and the Tesco Supermarket. A great place to spot lots of seals basking on the or popping their heads up to see what you’re up to.

Clickimin Broch

The late Bronze/Iron Age broch at Clickimin on a promontory at the south edge of the Clickimin loch in Lerwick. Look out for a stone sculpted with a pair of feet on the causeway, it’s thought this could be an inaugural stone, but it’s fair to say our brochs hold a degree of mystery that remains unsolved.

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