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Shetland Textile Museum - Summer of Events

by Misa Hay -

Even among people who know very little of Shetland, the Islands" association with knitwear and extraordinarily fine lacework is world-famous. Now, thanks to the dedication of a group of volunteers, Shetland's wonderful heritage of textiles can be properly appreciated at the Shetland Textile Museum, a real little gem amongst Shetland's superb museums and heritage centres.

The building that houses the museum is of considerable historical significance in itself. The three-storied Böd of Gremista was, in 1792, the birthplace of one of Shetland's most distinguished sons, Arthur Anderson. Indeed, the house was, for a time, a museum dedicated to Anderson and some of the artifacts remain.

For this year the Shetland Textile Museum has prepared a range of interesting events; starting with Oil/Knitting - an exhibition which focuses on the 1970′s and 80′s which, due to the discovery of oil and the construction of the Sullom Voe Oil Terminal in Shetland, created a huge time of change. Inspired by the colours and trends of this time, the exhibition is filled with extraordinary examples of everyday knitwear from the original oil boom era and reflecting the current oil boom which is, again, happening in the Islands.

In July Alicja Tyburska, a textile artist living and working in Poznan, Poland, will lecture in traditional fiber handcrafts and the growing interest of traditional fiber handcraft in her native country. Wool enthusiast, spinner and weaver, she strives to bring spinning and weaving techniques back to life.

The museum the museum heartily welcomes everyone to Alicja's lecture on Thursday, July 3 at 7:30 p.m.

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