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Shetland on Instagram - Part 1

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Shetland is a photographer's dream, with so many stunning viewpoints and coastal landscapes to capture. In a new series of blog posts, we share some popular Instagram accounts that showcase the best of Shetland. Go on, give them a follow!

Barkland Croft (@barkland_croft)

Follow Rachel, a crofter living on the southerly island of Fair Isle, who shares her first-hand viewpoint of what life is like on the island. As well as plenty of adorable sheep pics, there are lots of stunning landscapes and sunsets. Rachel has recently also set up a YouTube channel to inspire people to visit Fair Isle once the coronavirus crisis is over.

Shetland by Drone (@shetland_by_drone)

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, Shetland by Drone gives us an insight to Shetland that most of us have never seen before. Photographer and drone pilot Andew Simpson manages to capture glorious island communities and coastal destinations from above, giving them an almost cinematic glow.

Billy Arthur (@lona_brak)

Here's another Instagram account showcasing Shetland as most of us have never seen it before – beneath the waves. Diver Billy Arthurs captures some wonderful shots of Shetland's aquatic life in all its many colours.

John Moncrieff (@john_moncrieff)

John is a Shetland-based wildlife photographer and guide and, as you might expect, his feed is full of wonderful snaps of island wildlife, particularly the famous Shetland otter in its natural habitat.

Sophie Whitehead Robertson (sophie_sunshine28)

Photographer and jeweller Sophie captures the drama of Shetland's weather and landscapes but also the community spirit that's alive across the islands, such as the fun of Up Helly Aa and the joy of hiking the hills and coastline with friends.

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