Shetland Food Trail Launch

by Elizabeth Atia -

Shetland craft lovers will be aware of the The Craft Trail, where craftspeople throughout the islands have opened their studios, shops and outlets to the public.

This week The Shetland Food Producers Group launched a foodie version: The Shetland Food Trail.

Members of the The Food Trail invite you to join them on a culinary tour of the Shetland Islands. 62 eateries, food producers and retailers have teamed up, opened their doors and want you to taste what they have on offer.

The Shetland Food Producers Group says, "Our larder is a rich one, with fresh and luscious sea fish and shellfish, tasty lamb and beef, fresh vegetables, delicious cheeses, real ales, preserves, confectionery and cakes.

This map has been produced to guide you direct to the producer - or to a local retailer that sells - or a restaurant or cafe that serves - the best that Shetland has to offer."

Leaflets with a map detailing all the locations, opening hours and contact details of members on the food trail can be picked up at shops throughout the islands.

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