Shetland connected to Offshore Europe Exhibition

by Tom Morton -

Shetland's connection to the wider world of energy developments is highlighted by the opening today of the Offshore Europe Conference and Exhibition in Aberdeen.

Faroese Telecom/SHEFA, operators of the fibre-optic cable that provides Shetland with superfast broadband communications are at the Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre, along with Lerwick Port Authority, Peterson SBS, ZE1 Global, and Shetland-connected companies such as Veolia Environmental Services and Enviroco.

Lerwick Port Authority's commitment to establishing the port as a centre for offshore decommissioning work under the 'Shetland Decommissioning' label is highlighted by their 'Lerwick Shetland' stand, where they are jointly exhibiting with AF Decom Offshore (UK), Veolia Environmental Services and Peterson SBS.