Seaweed Crisps

Course: Main

Cook Time: 1 hour

  • Fresh Shetland seaweed - (collected at low tide)
  1. Seaweed CrispsHarvest young Shetland seaweed from a clean salt water source (ideally fast moving water) at low tide using a pair of scissors. Make sure the plant is fresh, alive and still attached to its rock. Only take a little bit from each rock, and only take enough that you need.
  2. Seaweed CrispsRinse seaweed in two changes of cold fresh water.
  3. Seaweed CrispsLeave the seaweed to soak in the water for a few hours in each soak.
  4. Seaweed CrispsLay seaweed flat on a wire rack and leave to dry in a warm place overnight, ideally in the bottom oven of a Rayburn. Don't dry in a high temperature as you don't want to cook the seaweed, you want to dehydrate it.
  5. Seaweed CrispsEnjoy your seaweed crisps as you would a bag of potato crisps, or crumble and use in cooking.