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Scottish Baking Awards come to Shetland

by Deborah Leggate -

The Scottish Baking Awards are coming to Shetland in early May to meet with local bakers and hopefully present some of them with the new award.

Melanie, the founder of the Scottish Baking Awards is working hard to recognise good quality bakers in Scotland. She is currently working with three highly successful and professional independent assessors across Scotland to start dishing out these SBA awards as and when they are confirmed as worthy .

"This award system is the only one of its kind in scotland. There is not an awarding body for baking but many for Master bakers. This scheme aims to award the outstanding Baking that exists in scotland and acts as a fantastic online guide to tourists and local people alike to the very best establishments that produce quality Baking.

There will be no bad reviews as only the establishments that are awarded the SBA (Scottish Baking Award) will be featured, therefore acting as a genuine guide. These establishments will be issued with their award which can be displayed in their premises, signfying good Baking. If you dont have an award then you either have not been assessed or failed to meet assessment criteria. This scheme will cleverly create healthy competition within Scotlands baking industry and improve the level of baking for our customers. Many many places advertise baking today but how many can actually say its excellent. This is their aim -to achieve a higher standard within Scotland and to stand alone in the world for excellent Baking no matter where you go in Scotland."

You can find out more about the SBA system here or if you've come across a good baker in Shetland, you can nominate them for an award here.

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