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Raising money to support Otters


On the 29th of May the International Survival Fund have their 'Otter Awareness Day'. We are keen supporters of the IOSF and the great work they do to help protect, conserve and promote awareness of the world's otters and are corporate members of the organisation.

In a further bid to help support the great work carried out by the IOSF in conserving, protecting and promoting awareness of otters across the world, we are setting out to 'do our bit' through a sponsored Otter Tracking day on the 28th of May. 

Renowned otter enthusiasts/addicts Brydon Thomason, Gary Bell and Richard Shucksmith have initiated the challenge to see as many otters as possible in a 'dawn to dusk' search of the Shetland Islands and we hope you will be kind enough to support us by sponsoring/donating, please visit more information or to make a donation.

Otters are renowned as being one of Shetlands star species and greatest attractions and these magnificent semi aquatic mammals are  a true speciality of ours. Through our otter watching day tours, one to one otter photography and our holiday itineraries we are proud to delight more visitors to Shetland with otter encounters each year than any other operator.

Otters are hugely special to us and we are proud to be supporting members of the IOSF and are excited by the challenge we have initiated to try to extend our support and give something back and we hope you can help. For more information on the IOSF visit

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