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Osteopath Or Physiotherapist?

by Alastair Hamilton -

There are many good reasons to consider Shetland as a place to live and work. For example, the islands have a wonderful environment and a range of facilities that would be the envy of much larger places.

Every month, in our newsletter, we highlight opportunities that are available in the Shetland Islands Council and NHS Shetland and we also provide links to jobs pages in the local media. Sometimes, jobs may be found by searching on agency or company websites: for example, at the time of writing the Waas Bakery, in the West Mainland, was looking for an artisan baker and the Moorfield Hotel in the northern village of Brae needed a Team Member/Guest Service Assistant.

Every month, in our newsletter, we highlight opportunities

I’ve been to see one local employer who’s currently recruiting, Ross Smith of Injury Shetland, which offers a range of therapies. Ross wants to appoint either an osteopath or a physiotherapist. What does he think can Shetland offer?

“It’s the people. The people are unique here. The sense of togetherness and the sense of community are second to none, really.”

But, he says, there are many other great reasons to be in Shetland. “We were away last week and when we came back, the quietness and tranquillity were amazing. Also, everybody works together and, if you need them, they’ll be there. To me, that’s the most important thing. It’s a beautiful place, but it’s much more than that.

“We moved back from one of the most beautiful places in the world because the quality of life here is much higher than people would perceive. For kids growing up, too, it’s a safe place.” Ross also loves the fact that people in Shetland mix so well, whatever their background.

...everybody works together and, if you need them, they’ll be there...

Injury Shetland has been operating since 2011, when Ross – originally from Shetland – and his New Zealand-born wife made the move to the islands. They planned to set up a multidisciplinary therapy clinic like those that are common in New Zealand, believing that there was a gap in the market for such a service. The idea has worked out very well.

“We thought it would be just one therapist, possibly two,“ says Ross, “but it’s grown much bigger than that, much more quickly. It surpassed our expectations, dramatically!” The staff at Injury Shetland have seen over 10% of the Shetland population.

It surpassed our expectations, dramatically!

The concept is that lots of different therapies can be offered under one roof.

“We realised that there were different therapists working from single rooms, independent practitioners, so we thought it would be good to set up a clinic that offered all those things. We offer physiotherapy, osteopathy, massage therapy and Pilates; and we also have a podiatrist that comes in as well. We can speak to each other to offer the best for every individual. The team really interacts well.”

The team really interacts well...

That means that the team “grows together”; and that, Ross says, leads to better outcomes for patients. The practice undertakes a one-hour assessment of the patient to determine what form of treatment is most appropriate. The aim is not only to treat the symptom but also deal with the underlying problem, so that it doesn’t recur.

Injury Shetland is trying to recruit either a physiotherapist or an osteopath. The post is salaried and is initially to cover maternity leave. However, Ross thinks that the position could become permanent, assuming that the business continues to develop. He says it’s a very supportive environment and the post could suit either a recent graduate or someone with lots of experience: “it’s really more about the person than the experience.”’s a very supportive environment...

One of the attractions of the job is the excellent suite of accommodation, which is located in Lerwick. Close to shopping and leisure facilities, the modern premises enjoy a beautiful situation overlooking the harbour, just a few metres from the sea, and seals are frequently seen.

Shetland really does offer lots of opportunities and a quality of life that’s hard to beat. If you’re interested in making the move, you’ll find lots of information on our website.

...seals are frequently seen...

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