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Coastal Cliff Walking in Shetland

by Elizabeth Atia -

Spring is officially here!

The changing of the seasons has brought with it some more favourable weather, which means that at every available opportunity I will be found outdoors exploring Shetland. I've taken to doing more and more coastal cliff walks. I may have lived on these beautiful islands for 17 years now, but there is always somewhere new to explore!

I thought I'd share a few of my favourite cliff photographs taken over the last few weeks.

First, pictured above, Erne Stack in Silwick. This photograph was taken at the beginning of the Silwick and Westerwick circular walk I did not too long ago, with the sun beating down on my face and barely a breath of wind to be felt. It was heaven! Below, Rooi stack, found on the same walk.

Next (pictured below), the cliffs overlooking Fogla Geo and Vaila Sound on the west mainland. My walking companion and I parked the car near Burrastow House and followed the coast around to the Voe of Littleure before heading back over the peat road. Another stunning walk, this time taken while there was still a little bit of snow on the ground, which only added to the atmosphere.

The Eshaness cliffs, pictured above, never fail to amaze me. I recently explored a little further, heading down to the Grind o da Navir following the start of the Eshaness Circular Walk and continuing along around the coast to Hamna Voe and Braehoulland, a ten mile walk on a gorgeously warm day despite the clouds. The car temperature read 12 degrees as I was driving to Eshaness last week!

As soon as I arrived in the car park I met up with a young gap year student from Germany, Lucas (pictured below), who was planning on walking the same route I was that day. I could have let him walk 20 paces ahead of me, but that would have been rather awkward, so he kindly agreed to be my walking companion for much of the coastal walk that day.

Next, one of my favourite Shetland cliffs so far - The Eigg in Yell. I wrote about this walk in a previous blog post, but the exhilaration I felt that day remains with me. This wild and rugged beauty is why I choose to call Shetland home.

Visit the Walking in Shetland website for some maps and advice about walking in Shetland. There are some fantastic areas to explore!

Do you have a favourite coastal walk in Shetland? Do you know of a little known but stunning place I should visit? Tweet me and let me know!

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