Mirrie Dancers Chocolatier Launch

by Elizabeth Atia -

Did you know that the 7th of July is World Chocolate Day? Celebration of this day encourages us to consume chocolate, and what a coincidence, as the Lerwick high street is now home to a brand new bespoke chocolate shop - the Mirrie Dancers Chocolatier!

This week Dave Williams, with over 30 years experience in the world of all things food, officially opened his new business venture after months of planning, preparation and chocolate courses.

Dave has managed to infuse the magical colours of the northern lights (or 'mirrie dancers' in Shetland dialect) with the rich taste of his hand made chocolates to create a bespoke product exclusive to the islands.

At last year's Shetland Food Festival Dave wowed visitors with his seaweed infused dark chocolate slab, and an idea was born.

"To think that the "wee idea" of something chocolate was planted at last year's Shetland Food Festival, to now opening my own Chocolatier business. It's been an amazing adventure so far that couldn't have been achieved without the support of local businesses, the community and friends alike. From Mirrie Dancers, a huge thank you to you all"

With chocolate dripping walls and a gorgeous wooden accents, this chocolatier boasts more chocolate flavours than you can possibly imagine. Flavours range from chai tea, sea salt and caramel, white chocolate and cassis truffles to raspberry dancers - there is something for every taste on these shelves.

Mirrie Dancers Chocolatier

161 Commercial Street

Lerwick, Shetland




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