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Meteorologists at Climate Change Conference


Meteorologist and former BBC Scotland forecaster Heather “the weather” Reid is to attend a small conference on climate change in Shetland next month.

She will be joined by fellow meteorologist Alex Hill, also a former TV weatherman and now the Met Office's chief adviser to the Scottish and Northern Irish governments.

The conference, entitled Change, is being sponsored by Shetland Aerogenerators, the firm that owns the Burradale windfarm.

A free screening of the film Thin Ice, made by Simon Lamb about the work of climate scientists around the world, will be held in Mareel Auditorium on Thursday 6th June at 7pm.

The geologist took his camera around the world to document the work of his climate science colleagues who have been attacked by climate change sceptics for being “alarmist” and “extremist”.

After the film, Heather and Alex will speak and host a question and answer session. The event is open to all.

During the day on Thursday 6th and Friday 7th June school pupils from around Shetland will be attending a showing at Mareel of another film, Chasing Ice, about the rapid decline of glaciers in Greenland, Iceland and Alaska.

Heather said: “I think climate change is the biggest issue facing the global community. It is essential that young people are aware of this issue and how it affects everybody's lives.

“I'm delighted to be coming to Shetland for this exciting conference.”

Alex added: “Young people will bear the brunt of climate change and it is humbling to see their commitment to making a difference. It is their future that is a stake and for me it is marvellous to be involved in an event like this.”

Heather and Alex will also be talking to the pupils and there will be a special unveiling of a new app depicting Shetland under higher sea levels – the likely consequence of warmer temperatures. Two pieces of art commissioned by Shetland Aerogenerators with support from Shetland Arts, one visual and one written, will also be shown for the first time.

Shetland Aerogenerators director Angus Ward said: “We are very pleased that Heather and Alex will be coming to talk about climate change.

“This conference is not about pushing a particular point of view – climate science is a complicated subject – but about encouraging people to engage with one of the biggest issues of our time.

“So we are inviting folk of all opinions and none to come along to Mareel on Thursday 6th June to find out more.”

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