Live Up Helly Aa Broadcast Today

by Kirsty Halcrow -

60 North TV, Promote Shetland's internet broadcasting initiative, is preparing for today's live broadcast as the Up Helly Aa 2015 celebrations get underway. The live coverage will begin at 3pm and run through until 9pm, culminating with the dramatic burning of the replica Viking galley.

As with every year the anticipation and momentum for the 2015 festival has been building for months – this is preserved by the fact that the broadcast is a live stream only, with no opportunity to replay.

Andy Steven, Head of Brand Strategy & Innovation at Promote Shetland said:

“The webcast has been going for five years now and each time the bar is raised, so this year we are striving to deliver our best production to date.”“We have received very encouraging and supportive comments from our viewers as well as some constructive feedback which we always take onboard. One suggestion was to hear from someone who had taken part in the event, so this year we have invited Ex-jarl Peter Malcolmson into the studio from 7pm to give the viewers a personal insight into the festival.”

Throughout the afternoon people will also see live coverage of Fiery Sessions, an annual Up Helly Aa fringe event showcasing the best of Shetland traditional music. In addition there will be coverage of the Junior Up Helly Aa procession and a selection of archive and contemporary film on Up Helly Aa. Please see 60N.TV for the full schedule of events.

Mr Steven continued: “I'm very proud to say that we are working with a very young team of creative individuals on this years production, our youngest camera operator is only 13. It is great to have so much young talent in Shetland and be able to give them the opportunity to be involved in a production of this scale.”

“The live coverage will begin at 3pm today with the evening torchlight procession getting underway at 7pm. We hope you will be able to join us online at 60N.TV

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