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Keep up with energy in Shetland!


Shetland suits the energy sector down to the ground, and our islands have never been busier with the comings and goings of the industry.

The waves of the North Atlantic and the North Sea pull against our shores, but have pushed us to the forefront of tidal possibilities. This isn't all wish-wash - we're ready for wave power...

The winds that hammer at our buildings mean we sometimes have to batter down the hatches, but it also means we are open to wind energy and embracing its potential. This isn't all just bluster - we're ready for wind power...

BP's Sullom Voe, Europe's largest oil terminal, is set for further expansion as part of a decade long refit. Energy giant Total is also constructing a nearby gas plant, currently one of the largest building sites in the UK, and Shetland is supporting an unparalleled influx of workers, meaning a rapid increase in activity at our airports.

With such an energetic enthusiasm for the industry in Shetland, along with its ideal location and resources, our islands are a worldwide powerhouse for fuel and energy development. With so much going on around us, how are you meant to keep up with it all? How does all this activity affect our islands?

Promote Shetland are currently sponsoring a 'Power From the North' initiative, which will keep you up to date with the latest energy developments and news, with an emphasis on the local and a commitment to remain impartial.

You can find out more on twitter at: @powernorth


Read Power From the North's blog site here.

For all the information you will need on Shetland's energy sector, read our free webzine now.

With this explosion of energy comes increased opportunities and business for Shetland, the ultimate resource for all energy industries.

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