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July 2010 Visit Shetland Newsletter


Welcome to the newsletter for July 2010, which we hope will inspire you to come up and visit us.

If you are considering a visit to Shetland, please do not hesitate to contact us for holiday planning advice using either the contact form or by phoning +44 (0)1595 98 98 98.

Upcoming Events

Are you planning to visit Shetland in August? If so, you will find Shetland in a frenzy! A Fiddle Frenzy! This festival is not just about learning the fiddle - local musicians, artists, knitters and writers come together to share their experience and talents, and offer a unique island experience. Workshops available this year: textile and knitting techniques; creative writing; painting and drawing; guitar tuition – the unique Shetland style, as practised by Peerie Willie Johnson, and fiddle playing – learn Shetland tunes with accomplished tutors and players. Daily cultural trips, storytelling and concert dances are just some of the other events on offer. The only thing missing is time to sleep! For further information about workshops, or to book a place email:


If you prefer to relax and enjoy the peace and tranquillity Shetland has to offer, why not sit on a beach and watch the world go by? Shetland has 138 sandy beaches to choose from, and perhaps one of the most striking is the shell sand tombolo - leading to St Ninian's Isle. Take a leisurely walk to the site, where, in 1958 a Pictish treasure trove was discovered by a local schoolboy in the remains of a 12th century church. Stretch your legs, unwind, and imbibe the azure vistas. You are sure to find your own pot of gold - absolute tranquillity.

Croft House Museum

Step back in time to the mid-nineteenth century, and visit the restored Crofthouse Museum in Boddam. The thatched building consists of the But (kitchen) and Ben (bedroom), byre, barn and drying-kiln – all rooms are accessible, as is tradition, under the same roof. The crofter earned his living at sea as a whaler, seaman or fisherman, while the family, in his absence, worked the land. If you have time, stay awhile and pull up a Shetland chair in front of the smouldering peat fire, and listen to the custodian as they regale you with stories of times past. Sea views and a Shetland rose-scented garden makes for an idyllic setting.

Spectacular Noss

Shetland wildlife is renowned, so make time to hop on the ferry, from Lerwick, for a short trip over to Bressay. Cross the island and catch the inflatable boat to Noss National Nature Reserve. Wonder at the dramatic cliffs, in particular Da Noup – white as a wedding cake; rising from sea level to 180 metres - decorated with thousands of breeding seabirds, including guillemots, razorbills, kittiwakes, fulmars, gannets, shags...A sight to behold. Guided walks with the Ranger can be arranged - allow 4 hours for a stroll around the island. If you'd rather view the cliffs by boat – there are excursions available. Look out for otters and seals! This fascinating island is sure to be a highlight of your holiday - it certainly wowed Simon King!

Island of Yell

Far North we go - from one island to another – Yell bound! A 20-minute ferry ride across Yell Sound, may, if you're lucky, afford views of Killer Whales and porpoises. Jump ship and visit the Old Haa Museum and Heritage Centre – dating from 1637, and displaying the history and folklore of Yell. The Centre has a craft shop, gallery, award winning garden, and a cafe serving delicious homebakes - you may be here for some time! Visit the 'White Wife' at Otterswick – a figurehead for the German training ship Bohus - wrecked in 1924, or take a Walk along the coastline. Don't forget, Yell is known as otter capital – so keep those binoculars handy! Enjoy not only the scenery and visitor attractions, as you travel this magical isle, but a truly warm welcome too.

Sandness Mill

After so many activities, it must be time to treat yourself to some retail therapy?! Over to Sandness on the Westside, and Jamieson's Mill – the only spinning mill in Shetland. Jamieson's was established in the 1890s, and is a family owned business. Take a tour of the mill and watch the process of making pure Shetland fleeces into finest quality yarns and knitwear. Choose from a large selection of 100% pure Shetland wool products in their shop, and find the ideal present for yourself, and the folks back home. Don't forget the bargain bin – you may just discover the perfect knit! After all, everyone loves value for money, and Shetland offers that, and more.

See you soon!


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