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Video Highlights Shetland Fisheries Importance

by Alastair Hamilton -

A new video that's been released by the Shetland seafood industry demonstrates the scale and range of the fisheries sector in the islands.

The video features fish catching, fish farming, shellfish farming and the processing of fish and shellfish. It also offers insights into the business side of the industry, including Shetland's highly successful electronic auction.

Fish and shellfish have been part of life in Shetland since the first settlers arrived and are as vital to the economy now as they have ever been. The Shetland industry has always been at the forefront of developments. For example, mussel farming has grown more rapidly in Shetland than anywhere else in the UK and the islands now produce most of the mussels grown in Scotland, making use of the clear, cold waters to offer a genuinely sustainable food.

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