COVID-19 update: Shetland is now reopen to visitors but lockdown restrictions are in place in Aberdeen.
If you're planning a trip, or travelling through Aberdeen, please read our guidance on travelling responsibly.

Fun on the Croft

by Helen Smith -

Summer is a great time for heading outdoors and there's plenty of places to explore when you're here. One place I love visiting is the Burland Croft in Trondra, where you can see how a traditional croft works. It's a firm favourite with children, who get to feed and pet the animals. Look out for the Trow's hoose (troll's house) next to the bridge near the water mill. In the south mainland there's the Crofthouse Museum, where you can step back in time and see how things were in the 1870s and you can also pay a visit to the Quendale Mill which dates back to the 16th century.

As you drive around Shetland you might come across some unusual places to pick up some groceries. Honesty boxes supply passers by with items such as eggs, fruit and vegetables - and on a Friday, you can even pick up a copy of the Shetland Times. Just pop what you owe in the money tin and make sure the lid on the main box is secure before you drive off.

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