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8 Local Artists Exhibit in New Gadderie Show


The exhibition opening this weekend in Da Gadderie at Shetland Museum and Archives showcases eight Shetland artists. Each has a very personal style which is reflected in the diversity of work on display.

Paul Bloomer is showing small drawings. Done in his sketchbook, these quick memory notes (often of birds) are made with a combination of Chinese Sumi ink, masking fluid, pencil and pen.

Small drawings like this are an essential part of my creative process because they are the seed of all the art that comes out of my studio.

Mike McDonnell's colourful constructed panels are full of Jazz references and humour. He uses found objects, fragments of objects and handmade elements to give them new life.

The watercolours of Peter Davis look unfussy and calm. This is achieved though thoughtfulness and the understanding of materials and techniques.

‘I am fascinated by the tension between representation and abstraction and the ambiguity of scale and image’

Westside artist, Ginny Hunter paints Still Life compositions lit with natural light. She uses familiar objects and keepsakes instilled with memories to paint compositions that capture a personal sense of place and history.

Martin Emslie’s wood engravings display his fascination with the medium. He enjoys the process of drawing, cutting, printing of wood, lino, vinyl, leading to the finished print. The intricate details in his prints are enthralling. Martin was the art teacher at Anderson and Sandwick for many years.

The vibrancy of Kristi Cumming’s paintings radiate light and colour. Playful titles like ‘Hill Jelly Pop’ and ‘Sunstream’ sum up the positive energy of the works.

Ruth Brownlee is well known for her atmospheric seascape and landscape paintings of Shetland. She has recently returned from the States where she was Artist in Residence at the Centre of Contemporary Printmaking. Along with her paintings will be an example of the new prints.

Jimmy Thomason is represented in the exhibition by five paintings based on his experiences in Australia. He manages to create a feeling of otherworldliness in his work with a combination of pattern, colour and nature.

John Hunter, Shetland Museum and Archives exhibitions officer:

The diversity of the visual arts in Shetland is well represented in this show. Well known Shetland artists are showing alongside some ‘new faces’ which makes for a must not miss experience.

The exhibition runs from 28th November – 21st December 2015. The exhibition opens at 12.30pm on the 28th.

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